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Exploring the Practicality of Dental Crowns

While a radiant smile is undoubtedly appealing, dental crowns extend beyond mere aesthetics, offering a host of practical benefits. From reinforcing weakened teeth to providing lasting solutions for dental dilemmas, our Ada, MI, dentists can recommend a dental crown for a variety of reasons.


Baby Bottle Tooth Decay: What Every Parent Needs to Know

When your child is young, it can be such a knee-jerk reaction to give them a bottle when you’re busy with something else or they’re being fussy. While convenient, this habit can come back to bite you in the form of “baby bottle tooth decay” if done with enough frequency. That’s why our Ada, MI, pediatric dentist encourages those with young ones to not dole out so many sugary drinks early in childhood.


4 Things to Be Aware of When You Start Invisalign®

Are you about to begin your clear aligner treatment and feel a bit nervous? Our Ada, MI, Invisalign® dentists assure you that there’s no need to worry, you’ll be just fine! We have had plenty of patients, teens and adults, who have made it over the “hump” of those initial few days and successfully continued with each sequential pair of trays.


The Core Stages of Gum Disease

Many individuals throughout the U.S. require gum disease treatment to maintain acceptable oral health. Not all are affected by the same type, however, as the condition can be broken down into 4 distinct stages with only one being able to be reversed by either you or our Ada, MI, dentists.


5 Reasons in Favor of Dental Implants

Both dentures and dental implants are great choices when it comes to tooth replacement. However, there are a few areas in which the latter option pulls ahead. Our Ada, MI, dental implant dentists can go into the details as they pertain to you should you choose to not go with a removable restoration


Toothbrushes & Toothpaste: Which Is Right For My Child?

It’s easy enough to select an appropriate toothbrush or toothpaste for yourself and as long as neither are abrasive, you’re generally good to go. When it comes to kids, however, it can be trickier knowing what the best option is for their smile. Our Ada, MI, pediatric dentist is luckily here to help make it easier for you!


5 Signs Dental Implants May Be In Your Future

Restoring your smile can have so many positive effects on your life but let’s be honest, it can be intimidating. There’s often oral surgery involved and time that needs to be dedicated to healing. Our Ada, MI, dentists know that replacing missing teeth is a huge decision but strongly encourage it, often with dental implants.


What to Expect at Your Next Teeth Cleaning

Not many would rank a professional teeth cleaning as number one in terms of “most exciting” things to do. We get it, it’s not how most people want to spend an hour of their time. However, our Ada, MI, dentists still encourage you to schedule a cleaning bi-annually.


Why Getting Invisalign® Is Worth It

If you’ve been toying with the idea of straightening your teeth, there’s no better time than now, especially with Invisalign® clear aligners. In fact, our Ada Invisalign dentists can conduct an oral examination to let you know if you’re a candidate and get you started with your very own aligners a few weeks after the initial consultation.