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Teeth Cleanings

Ada MI Teeth Cleaning DentistsNot all plaque and tartar can be removed at home. That’s where our dental hygienists come in. We’ll use various dental tools to gently clean around and in between your teeth to leave no stone unturned, so to speak. Cleanings are also a great opportunity for our Ada, MI, dentists to address any concerns you may have or monitor arising oral issues.

How Often Should I Have a Cleaning?

The widespread standard is that you come in for a professional teeth cleaning every 6 months, or twice a year. Most patients are well taken care of with this schedule but others may require an increased frequency of visits due to specific oral health needs. Our dentists will be sure to speak with you about what’s best for your smile so you’re aware. If it’s been awhile since you’ve last seen a dentist, don’t worry. We can pick up where you’ve left off and help get you back on track in our Ada dental office. It’s our mission to improve and maintain the oral health of each of our patients.

What to Expect At Your Next Teeth Cleaning

From start to finish, you can expect your cleaning appointment to take about 30 minutes to an hour to complete. If you have tartar buildup or a cavity, plan on it taking closer to that hour mark. All in all, a teeth cleaning can be broken down into 4 main stages.

  1. Physical exam of your entire mouth is done with a small mirror.
  2. Plaque and tartar is removed using a dental tool known as a scaler. Scraping is normal during this stage but should not be painful.
  3. A high-powered electric brush and gritty toothpaste is used to scrub and polish teeth.
  4. Teeth are flossed to get rid of any toothpaste from the previous stage or leftover tartar. Problem areas (where the gums bleed) can be identified here.

Give Our Office a Call

Regular teeth cleanings will not only give your teeth a nice shine, but they’ll also help to get rid of leftover bacteria that’s otherwise missed with just a toothbrush or floss. Our dentists in Ada, MI, encourage all children, teens, and adults to stay on top of the recommended cleaning schedule for the oral health benefits. Call Norman Family Dentistry today at (616) 676-9177 to request an appointment for yourself or a family member.